Mogo Day Surgery

The philosophy behind the Mogo Day Surgery is to provide an exemplary standard of care whilst ensuring that each & every patient experiences minimum discomfort in a safe & caring environment.

Know Your Rights

Patients Rights and Responsibilities


 Patients have rights to:

  • Privacy and to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Be able to refuse treatment and / or seek a second opinion
  • To be involved in the planning of care
  • Confidentiality of all personal and medical information provided to the Day Surgery
  • Comprehensive information about the services, treatment and conditions
  • Implementation of stringent quality control including infection control guidelines
  • Decide whether or not to participate in research
  • Nominate a person / persons to speak on their behalf if unable to do so themselves
  • Access and view their own records
  • Question or lodge a complaint regarding treatment and aftercare


 The patients are responsible for:

  • Providing accurate medical and personal information to the Day Surgery staff and Doctors
  • Meticulously following pre-admission, discharge and other instructions given
  • Respecting the well being, rights and privacy of other patients and staff at the Centre as well as the property belonging to same
  • Accepting the consequences of their own decisions on health matters
  • Respecting surgery regulations and policies
  • Maintaining a non-smoking environment both within the facility and in the grounds of the facility (including the car park)